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Aavid Design Engineers offer creative and cost effective product design, testing and prototype services for thermal, mechanical, electronic and industrial design disciplines across a wide spectrum of market segments including technology, power management, telecom, industrial and transportation.

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Aavid is unique in its design service offerings as we are able to provide full scale ideation from innovation to development to actualization to product launch. Our design engineers are able to step into the creative process at any point to define the problem & optimize alternatives to discover the best solution for your design. We can act as your partner or as your full source development resource.

Our process driven approach to creativity provides our customers with a unique design experience as evidenced by the volume of our designs in use today across multiple industry sectors. We support the world’s largest companies to our emerging technology customers by living our vision daily, that of being the best supplier in our industry.

Unlike our competitors, Aavid has a truly global presence which can be put to work for you faster, and without geographic barriers. Our global design teams are fluent in eight languages so we truly speak your language. Our design teams are made up of the best and brightest in there respective disciplines, each bringing a highly diversified background of experience and knowledge with them.

Whether you require complete design solutions or stand alone services, Aavid's Design Engineers can meet your needs.

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