• Enterprise Computer Systems
    Enterprise Computer Systems
    Enterprise & Secure Cloud Computing • High Performance Computing • Public Cloud Computing • Work Stations

    The mission-critical role of Enterprise Computing in the 21st century is seen everywhere. Business, scientific, e-commerce...

  • Telecom
    Networking • Communication

    Aavid is actively participating in the rapid evolution of communications technologies as discrete platforms, such as...

  • Transportation
    Rail & Mass Transit • Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles • Mining

    Moving people and goods from point to point has never been easier than in today's technological age.

  • Power
    Renewables • Smart Grids

    Today's power industry includes applications related to power generation, conditioning, conversion and storage...

  • LED Lighting
    LED Lighting
    Residential/Consumer • Commercial/Industrial

    LED lighting fixtures are rapidly replacing legacy incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems as upfront cost...

  • Consumer
    PC • Gaming • Home Entertainment

    The electronic products available to the consumer in this digital age are as varied as the semi-conductors that...

  • Other
    Medical • Military/Aerospace • Test Equipment

    The thermal needs of the medical industry are amongst the most varied and challenging...