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Hi-Contact™ Liquid Cold Plates
Now available

Aavid's patented Hi-Contact™ tube liquid cold plates are now available for purchase in our estore.

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Board Level Heat Sinks

Aavid offers a huge array of cost efficient, high quality board level cooling solutions. Attachment features and interface materials can easily be added during the manufacturing process to reduce assembly costs

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Demo Kits

Feel and test Aavid products before you buy. Kits are designed to facilitate hands on exploration and testing of new technologies and products.

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BGA/FPGA Heat Sinks

Aavid’s off the shelf high performance cooling solutions for BGA’s and FPGA’s feature a wide variety of attachment methods and configurations. Aavid BGA/FPGA heat sinks are easy to install and most require no special board modifications.

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Thermal Interface Materials

Wide array of interface materials ranging from high thermal conductivity gap fillers to high performance thermal greases and epoxies, films, tapes, and phase changing materials. Many materials have the option of coming pre-applied to your cooling solution.

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Max Clip Extrusion Profiles & Max Clips

Aavid's Max Clip System is an economical clip and rail thermal solution for power transistors. Max Clip extrusions are high performance, low cost, and can eliminate mounting holes, screws, rivets, and thermal inefficiency. 

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Aavid thermal accessories include mounting pads and kits, clips, card ejectors, insulating shoulder washers, alignment pads, stanchion pads, and more. Accessories can come separately or factory applied and are designed to aid in installation and use of cooling solutions.

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Custom Cut and Raw Bar Extrusion

Widest selection of extruded heat sink geometries in the industry. Aavid offers an easy to use Extrusion Search Tool to help find the right solution to fit your needs. All extrusions are available for purchase online in custom cut and raw bar.

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Standard and Custom DC brushless fans from Aavid are rigorously tested for performance and reliability and can be added to most Aavid Heat Sink Options. Hundreds of standard fans are available online for easy purchase. Custom Fans and Fan/Heat Sink Combos are available for quick custom quotes.

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Liquid Cold Plates

Variety of liquid cold plate technologies utilizing Aavid’s patented flow patterns and Hi-Contact™ process for maximum performance. Aavid cold plates offer extremely efficient and compact cooling for applications with high heat loads.

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