Bonded Fin

bonded fin heat sink

When things get too hot or the box gets too small, bonded fins increase the heat sink surface area without increasing volume, and reduce thermal resistance by 1/2 to 2/3. Bonded fins provide cooling in forced convection for powers above 100 W. Learn more about Bonded Fins

Augmented Surface Bonded Fin
Reduce overall thermal resistance by 15 to 25% with patented technology for bonded fin heat sinks. Available in the same forms and sizes as the standard and custom bonded fin heat sinks, this option increases air flow turbulence while multiple, short air channels substantially increase heat removal.

Standard Bonded Fin
Order standard size bonded fin heat sinks from stock for immediate prototyping.

Creating Custom Parts
A series of standard bonded fin bases (4200 series) coupled with variable fin heights creates cost-effective custom solutions for the most challenging cooling problems. Use our on-line tool to configure the right bonded fin heat sink for your cooling requirements.