Electrolytic Capacitors

Decreased ambient cooling caused by very high component density often leads to premature capacitor failure; in fact, input voltage capacitors are typically the first parts to fail in a high power circuit. To function reliably in today's densely packed systems, the capacitor must be kept cool. Our Cap Coolers™ improve the performance and extend the life of 3.0" electrolytic capacitors.

Cap Coolers™

Cap Coolers™ are available in both one- and two-piece configurations. The single-piece extrusion provides maximum cooling for new applications, while the two-piece extrusion allows easy retrofitting for upgrading existing designs offering improved performance in an existing package.

  • Efficient, low-cost cooling using high conductivity extruded aluminum
  • Natural or forced convection cooling
  • Single-piece or retrofitable two-piece configurations
  • Both heat sink and mounting clamp
Single-Piece Cap Cooler Single-Piece

Thermal Resistance: 2.4°c/w

Two-Piece Cap Cooler Two-Piece

Thermal Resistance: 2.4°c/w

Lightweight Cap Coolers™

Lightweight Cap Coolers™ are compact by design and provide cooling in areas where space is limited.

  • Provides efficient cooling in a lightweight design
  • Offers low-cost cooling
  • Replaces sheet metal mounting clip
  • Allows tight system spacing to reduce overall volume
Lightweight Cap Coolers Lightweight

Thermal Resistance: 3.1°c/w