Forced Convection Coolers

For maximum performance in high-power applications, Aavid Thermalloy custom designs each forced convection cooler to meet exact design specifications.

Design Considerations
  • Eight different end mounting plate styles allow mounting flexibility
  • All mounting plates accept 114 mm (4.5") by 114 mm (4.5") muffin fans
  • Thermal resistances range from 0.9 °C/W to 0.38 °C/W for one unit modules operating with a 100 CFM muffin fan
  • Ordering is done by customer part numbers

  • Assembly in quadrants from lengths of standard extrusion provides great design flexibility
  • Circular design confines the airflow by forming its own “ductwork”
  • Modularized design provides electrical isolation for each quadrant section from other quadrants and from the ground, allowing many devices to be mounted in one assembly