High Density Die Casting

die cast shapes

High Density Die Casting (HDDC) is a process developed by Aavid with its University partners to manufacture near net shape parts with better mechanical and thermal properties compared to die castings.

It is particularly well suited to making high performance heat sinks and liquid cold plates using aluminum alloys with high thermal conductivity. New process controls during solidification enable fine grain structure with near zero porosity.

Embedded Inserts

high fin die cast embed Aluminum, copper, graphite or other solids with lower CTE than Aluminum can be embedded directly into the part. The process yields a strong mechanical bond with almost no interfacial gap or porosity.

Thin and High Aspect Ratio Fins

Smaller minimum enclosure wall thickness, smaller minimum fin spacing, fin thickness and
draft angles result in higher cooling fin densities and lighter enclosures.

Enhanced Post Forming Processes

Machining without exposing porosity, brazing, and porosity free welding processes enable
leak tight complex assemblies. Wet surface finishing processes like anodizing and electroplating can
be done without electrolyte retention in surface porosity.

Die Cast vs. HDDC comparison for 40-60mm tall finned heat sinks

  Fin Geometry (Plate, pin, embedded etc.)  All TypesAll Types
Minimum enclosure wall thickness (mm) 2-41.5-3.5
Minimum fin to fin spacing (mm)53-4
Minimum fin tip thickness (mm)2.5-3.01.0-1.5 plate fin; 2.0 pin fin
Minimum fin tamper angle (degree)1.0-1.51.0
3D near net shape rating ( 5 is best )54
Surface quality rating (5 is best)24
Leak tight rating (5 is best)25
 Aluminum AlloysADC 10-12 or 3xxx  1xxx, 6xxx, 3xxx
Thermal Conductivity (W/m K)90-120190-240
 Porosity (%) and Grain Structure    3-7
die cast  
die cast  

3D Shapes of Air Cooled Enclosures

die cast shapes