Interface Materials

NEW Gap Filler Pads & Sheets

Aavid's new line of gap filler pads provide the highest thermal conductivity for gap fillers available in the market today. View our video blow to lean more about this new product line.

New Gap Filler Lines Include:

Diverse line of light, flexible silicone gap fillers

Unique electromagnetic wave absorbing material

Delivers the high conductivity of carbon fiber while maintaining the flexibility of a polymer

Aavid Thermal Interface Materials

Gap Fillers
Thermally conductive materials uniquely designed to allow for variations in surfaces.
Thermal Adhesives/Epoxy
Epoxies and glues that provide both thermal conductivity and strong adhesion and can be used where no mounting holes are available.
Insulating Pads & Films
Low cost thermal insulators designed for easy application.
Thermal Greases
Thermally conductive compounds that provide a mechanical strength to the bond between heat sink and heat source and allows no air in the interface area.
Insulating Hardware
Available in a range of base materials to provide a variety of dielectric and thermally conductive attributes.
Phase Change Materials
Unique materials that change from solid to film-like grease for increased stability and easy application.
Non-Insulating Pads & Films
Developed for unique design challenges that require enhanced heat conductance.
Attachment Tapes
Thermal tapes adere to heat sink and device and can be electrically conductive or isolating. Easy to apply and require no curing time.
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