Phase Change Materials

Aavid offers unique phase-change thermal interface materials that while absorbing heat change from a solid to a liquid form. During this transition, the material maintains a consistent temperature while high amounts of heat are absorbed. Once in a liquid state, the material is capable of removing any residual air pockets and the heat transfer is substantially increased. During cool down, excess heat is released, helping to keep a steady temperature.

Ultrastick - Phase Change Interface Material

ultrastickAavid Ultrastick is a unique phase-change material that surpasses grease in thermal performance and long-term stability. This solid, silicone-free, paraffin-based thermal compound changes phase at 60°C with a concurrent volumetric expansion that fills an remaining gaps between mating surface. Ultrastick comes in a convenient applicator bar which allows for neat, fast application to both heat sink and heat source. Ultrastick is cost-effective and is applied in a thin film-like deposit that provides excellent heat transfer and low thermal resistance.

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100300F00000G applicator bar

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Temperature 200°
Volume Resistivity 1.0 X 1.015 Ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 250 volts/mil
Consistency Paste
Bleed 0.6 max
Specific Gravity 0.28
Color Opaque White
Temperature Range
-40°C to 200°C
0.03°C-in2/W @ 20 psi
0.02°C-in2/W @ 100 psi
Shelf Life
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