Liquid Cold Plates

Optimize liquid contact with hot surfaces

Liquid cooling manages the heat loads of high watt density applications across all industries. Liquid Cold Plates are the most effective way to optimize liquid contact with hot surfaces and have the highest heat transfer. Aavid uses cutting edge technologies and offers the widest most innovative line of cold plate products from standard to fully customized solutions.

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Aavid Liquid Cold Plate Product Lines

liquid-cooling-tube Tube Cold Plates

Employs Aavid's Hi-Contact™ process for maximum tube exposure to surface.
liquid-cooling-blister Blister Cold Plates

Stamped plate brazed to base to eliminate milling process.
liquid-cooling-extended Extended Surface Cold Plates

Utilize various technologies to increase surface area to liquid flow path.
vortex-liquid-cooling Vortex Cold Plates

Designed to evenly cool both sides of the cold plate.