Extending the Thermal Performance of Air
Aavid's PulseJet™ products use air in new ways that significantly improve forced air convection.

PulseJet™ products utilize a unique diaphragm technology that increases the cooling efficiency of natural convection and is ideal for hot spot cooling. PulseJets™ are able to achieve this action through the principles of turbulence and entrainment. PulseJet™ products have flexing diaphragms that rapidly push pulses of air out through a nozzle creating turbulent air flow. This turbulence entrains ambient air to create a high momentum “jet” of air that moves outward in quick bursts over the heat source. Surrounding air is brought back in immediately through the same orifice and the process is rapidly repeated. The result is targeted air flow with high heat transfer capabilities that maximize cooling efficacy.

In addition to providing increased thermal efficiency, PulseJets™ provide highly reliable cooling, durable solutions, and more flexibility in design. PulseJets™ contain no frictional parts, thereby decreasing failure rates and overall wear and tear over time. They are also less affected by dust and particle build up due to their design and unique air flow. The nature of PulseJet™ technology allows solutions to be developed and manufactured in smaller forms, making them some of the smallest available active coolers and enabling more placement options within product designs and the ability to fit into smaller, more lightweight devices.


Aavid SynJet® Cooling revolutionizes LED thermal management by enabling lighter, smaller, more flexible lighting designs. The highly reliable fanless air movers utilize oscillating diaphragms, rather than frictional parts, that create a constant flow of air over the fins of compatible heat sinks. This airflow and the use of entrainment allow engineers and lighting designers to use heat sinks that are up to 60% smaller than if they were used alone. 

SynJet® product line

RazorJet™ Series

The RazorJet™ is revolutionizing how you design fanless portable devices and ultrathin electronics. Just 3mm tall no additional design clearance is needed. Using friction-less PulseJet™ technology, the RazorJet™ allows for high performance active cooling with an exceptionally long lifespan. As electronic devices become increasingly powerful, the need for effective thermal management is becoming greater.

The RazorJet’s design provides the ultra-thin, ultra-quiet cooling power that new mobile and computing devices require in the smallest form factor available today!

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RazorJet™ Demo Kit

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Dual Cool Jet

Dual Cool Jets utilize dual piezoelectric cooling jet technology to create the turbulent airflow that targets hot spots and can increase natural convection heat transfer by as much as 3x. DCJs are extremely low profile with a height of less than 2.5mm making them ideal for cooling where space is limited or weight is a key factor. DCJs also feature a lower power consumption than traditional forced convection solutions while maintaining a comparable or better air flow.

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Dual Cool Jet Demo kit

These new Aavid low profile air movers feature new PulseJet™ cooling technology. You can start exploring and testing them now by being one of the first to order an Aavid Thermalloy DCJ kit today!

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