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FLB Technology - The Sleeve Bearing Innovation

FLB Introduction

The Fluid Lubricant Bearing (FLB) Introduction
FLB stands for Fluid Lubricant Bearing which is the latest developed innovation. The FLB addresses the major problems of the traditional sleeve bearing and is able to increase the life expectancy over the traditional sleeve bearing by more than 60%.

Characteristics of Sleeve Bearing
Traditional sleeve bearings are structured to be shock resistant and low in cost however, it is not suitable for high performance needs. Sleeve bearings are only ideal for applications that do not require high amounts of CFM. Due to the structure of the traditional sleeve bearing it becomes noisy and wears out very quickly when performance is in high demand. The 3 major problems for traditional sleeve bearing's short life span are:

Lubricant Leakage or Evaporation
The FLB redesigned the sleeve bearing and completely seals in the area where leakage occurs. The redesign also creates a back pressure within the bearing forcing heat out thus keeping the lubricant cool. This keeps the lubricant inside the bearing and prolongs its life expectancy.

Dust Tainting the Lubricant
The FLB redesigned the sleeve bearing creating a Dust Proof Tunnel preventing dust from tainting the lubricant itself. This keeps the lubricant in its original state longer prolonging the life of the bearing.

The FLB system redesigned the sleeve bearing by adding an insulating tube between the motor and the bearing to resist heat and prevent the increase of the temperature on the bearing. This keeps the lubricant from evaporating too fast due to temperature increase and prolongs the life of the bearing.

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