Liquid Cooling Systems
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Advantages of Aavid Liquid Cooling Systems

Aavid’s liquid cooling system (LCS), coupled with Aavid’s liquid cold plates (LCP), provides a total solution and one-stop shop for applications in solar power, wind power, traction, electricity transmission, and other high power equipment.

Optimized System Design
Aavid is a leading company that designs and manufactures both LCP and LCS and is thus able to optimize overall system performance. Few competitors have this capability. Simulation has been performed to optimize components and system performance.

Modular Structure
Typically, individual components are assembled and mounted into a cabinet. Aavid’s system adopts a modular structure with the hydraulic module and controller module built first and then assembled into a cabinet. This modular structure ensures fast installation and easy repair and replacement. In addition, modular structures provide an extra layer of protection for the controller.

Use of Integrated Valve Block
Traditionally, many sections of pipes are used to connect valves, pumps and meters. Systems can quickly become bulky and complicated. Aavid LCS uses valve blocks to integrate various pipes, valves, and sensors into a single block and thus significantly decreases the size and weight of a system and the required coolant amount.

Intelligent Controller
The controller is the brain of a liquid cooling system. Aavid LCS has a sophisticated and intelligent controller which has the functions of controlling operation logics, warning and protection features, automatic diagnoses, and trouble shooting. In addition, each controller can form a network and coordinate with up to 255 similar systems.