Engineering Design Resources

Aavid understands thermal management and how it influences the world around us better than anyone. Our engineers are equipped with decades’ worth of industry knowledge and the top equipment so they may create new and innovative solutions to meet any need.

Selecting a solution

We have thousands of standard solutions from stampings to liquid cold plates, in stock and ready to ship. Let us help you figure out what you need.

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Design a custom solution

We thrive on customization and have plenty of case studies to prove it. For 5 decades we have been solving the world's most challenging thermal problems. Learn how to design your own custom thermal solution.

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Integrate a solution to your product

Aavid understands that thermal management influences your product decisions. By thinking about the thermal solution as an integrated part of your design you may be able to change critical factors such as cost, aesthetics, performance, form & weight, material selection, and usability.

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Talk with an engineer

Aavid has global design teams dedicated to providing the level of design assistance required for each unique situation.

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